Summer Golf Attire Perfect For the Warmer Months

Summer Golf Attire Perfect For the Warmer Months

Choosing your summer golf attire fit can sometimes be a much bigger challenge than people realize, especially when it comes to balancing practicality, functionality and comfort. Without the latest temperature-control technologies, that brutally strong summer sun can often turn your nice outfit into a sweat-soaked disaster. Since nobody wants to be a stinky and sweaty mess during or after a round, especially in fashionable clothing, here are some of the absolute best types of summer golf attire, and some technologies for you to consider when buying your next fit.

Best Summer Golf Wear

What a lot of golfers don’t realize is that technology has a massive role to play in the overall effectiveness of summer golf wear. Features like UV protection, moisture wicking, and other temperature-controlling technologies can turn any standard summer golf attire item into a fashionable and practical piece. Here are some of the primary technologies to look for when searching the best summer golf wear:

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  • UV Protection - The warm weather is always pleasant in the summertime, but the strong sun is for sure a nuisance. UV protection technology not only works to protect you from harmful rays, but it can prevent sunburns and extra sweat.
  • Breathability - Summer golf wear is at its best when it features moisture and heat transportation, to adjust the temperature of your body, and prevent sweat buildup during your round. And when that occasional breeze rolls through, it feels like bliss.
  • Moisture Wicking - This trendy technology for summer golf clothes moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates to alleviate sweat buildup.
  • Anti-Odor - This antibacterial technology works to take away unpleasant odors that come as a result of sweating, making your round of drinks after your round of golf all the more enjoyable for everyone around you.
  • Drycool - Drycool moves perspiration away from the body to the fabrics outer surface where it can evaporate quickly which helps the wearer to stay dry and comfortable.
  • 37.5® Technology - One of the most intriguing developments in temperature-controlled summer golf attire is the use of 37.5® Technology. This dynamic thermoregulation technology triggers off of humidity, and keeps your body and microclimate next to your skin at the ideal temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. 
  • Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather

    An area of focus for any luxury golf clothing company, especially in terms of summer golf wear, is creating breathable, comfortable, and stylish top pieces for the active golfer. Having the best golf shirts for hot weather can be such an added bonus during your round, and these pieces are often the most tricky to choose when it comes to your various technologies. Consider these top pieces that utilize many of the mentioned technologies for your perfect match:

    • Men’s Taunton Polo - This stylish shirt combines moisture wicking/drycool technologies with breathability and stretchable fabrics, to fit just right and keep sweat out.
    • Men’s Fusion Golf Polo - Together with UV protection to block the sun, elasticity to improve range of motion, and breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, this fusion polo has it all. As part of the X-Series by Abacus Sportswear, it also features 37.5® Technology to keep your body at the perfect temperature.
    • Men’s Tenby Long Sleeve UV Cut - Dealing with one of those days where the sun keeps peeking out from the clouds? To champion your battle between too hot and too cold, this shirt is both lightweight and breathable, with long sleeves to keep your arms safe from the sun’s rays. 
    • Women’s Fusion 37.5 Pollo - Akin to the men’s version, the Fusion 37.5 Women’s Pollo features characteristics of both style and functionality. Utilizing 37.5 technology, this fabric boasts body temperature regulation, in addition to UV protection and wicking capabilities. 
    • Women’s Tenby Long Sleeve - Stay sporty this summer with the Women’s Tenby Long Sleeve shirt. Perfect for cool and warm weather, the lightweight and breathable fabric is both UV protective and sweat resistant.  
    • Women’s Scratch 37.5 Cupsleeve - the Women’s Scratch 37.5 polo features the ultimate body temperature comfort technology. Soft and stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and UV protective – stay comfortable, fashionable, and safe from the sun at all hours on and off the course.

    Discover Your Ideal Summer Golf Wear

    At Abacus Sportswear, we understand the importance of technology when creating functional and fashionable summer golf clothes. Our luxury line of summer golf attire is packed with state-of-the-industry features that helps you keep your mind where it belongs - on your game.

    Explore our various technologies to find the perfect piece for your summer golf outfit. For questions or comments regarding our products or services, contact Abacus Sportswear today.

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