abacus® Waterproofs

Perform at your best - in all weather conditions


A rainy day doesn’t have to mean a bad score. Rainwear that has been designed and developed by golfers for golfers will help you forget the weather, keeping your focus where it belongs – on the game.

Most importantly rainwear must not have a negative impact on how we play. Clothing that is uncomfortable is a distraction and a poor fit can affect the swing, ultimately influencing the score and the enjoyment of the game negatively.

Abacus good – better – best concept with three levels of functionality, has been developed in order to help you find the perfect rainwear for you depending on your preferences on the golf course. All abacus waterproof products are both windproof and waterproof, have sealed seams and waterproof zippers. You also have many possibilities to adjust the fit for maximum comfort, no matter what size and shape you are.



The perfect waterproof for you is largely dependent on your attitude towards playing in the rain and how physically active you will be. Are you out on the golf course for hours also in the heaviest of rain? Then you should go for Pitch (Best), with maximum breathability and stretch and minimum weight.

Do you head for the club house when dark clouds are piling up in the sky to avoid the rain? Then you will not need the same level of functionality. An everyday waterproof, like Links (Good) with mesh lining, that keeps more of the body warmth is probably the right choice for you.

Within the Bounce series (Better), you’ll find super comfortable waterproofs that both feels and look like regular clothes, including a waterproof hoodie, shorts, T-shirt and trousers.







Designed for those who don't settle for less than the best.
Using 37.5 technology to improve the micro environment inside the garment and built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions on the golf course.
Extremely high breathability (50.000 MVP) and superior stretch combined with lightweight and maximum waterproofness 

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3-layer technology rainwear - stretchdry 15.000.

Designed with the active golfer in mind, combining function, quality and design.

Highly waterproof and breathability of 15.000 MVP, plus stretch and lightweight qualities means you will have rainwear to count on for years to come. 

Look and feel of regular clothing.                                                                                                                                                 
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2-way stretch and supersoft fabric for comfort and flexibility.

Functional and stylish rainwear with good breathability,
perfect to use for everyday life as well as on the golf course.

High waterproofness and breathability (10.000 WP/MVP) with smart details
and possibility to adjust the fit.