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At Abacus Sportswear we have been developing golfing apparel for over 30 years. Our clothes are available worldwide with our functional clothing, particularly hybrid products and sports rainwear for men and women, receiving multiple awards throughout the years. Our rainwear is chosen by Tour players and national golf teams and is worn by staff at the venerable St. Andrews Links.
We think of apparel as part of the golf equipment. The right clothes can make a big difference on the course, both for comfort and the score, especially in challenging weather conditions. We aim to make your rainwear as confidence-inspiring as your favorite club in the bag.
In the abacus School of Rain, we have gathered together much of the knowledge and experience collected over the years, about what really makes a difference on a rainy day. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose sports rainwear that allows you to focus on your game – whatever the weather.


Ensure playability

The most important feature is that rainwear allows you to play your best golf.
If your clothing is so uncomfortable that you lose focus on your game, or if it affects your swing so badly that it has a negative impact on your score – then what’s the point of being out there on the golf course at all?

Also, keep dry on the inside 

To keep the rain out is, of course, highly important for a waterproof. But it’s equally important to make sure you don’t get wet from the inside. That’s why the breathability of the fabric is crucial when choosing rainwear for men and women for golf.

Fit, that's almost tailor-made

What is the perfect fit when it comes to rainwear? In this part of the abacus School of Rain, we will explore the key features to think about when looking for the right garment and size. You want your clothes to feel as close as taylor made as possible, fabrics with a lot of stretch that allows you to swing and move without any restrictions from the fabric


We choose rainwear from abacus

Find the perfect waterproofs for you

When you know what makes a difference to you on a rainy day, it’s easier to find your perfect sports rainwear!

Which one will fit you best?


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