This Is Abacus

Abacus make all weather conditions insignificant, so that you can experience that perfect golf moment. Regardless of rain, wind or heat, you can concentrate on your game – nothing else matters.

Abacus Sportswear is a Swedish pioneer of high-performance, technical golf clothing that combines high quality and functional design to make sure you can put all your focus where it belongs – on your game.

Abacus was founded 30 years ago, by a golfing fanatic who had a vision to improve the golfing experience by creating a range of stylish, practical clothing that would be a pleasure to wear in all weather conditions. abacus® quickly became known for its functional garments and smart details. Light, stretchy, breathable and waterproof are the main focus of the abacus® collection, features that provide maximum comfort on the golf course, they even may improve your score! 


The abacus story

June 20th, 1977, at a golf course in the very south of Sweden, a 21-year-old Sven-Olof Karlsson teed off at 2.15 am with a friend, in an attempt to break the then world record of 135 holes played in one day. Around 11pm, when it was no longer possible to see the ball, they had just finished their 153rd hole – they had broken the old record by 18 holes! In all they played for 20 hours without a break dressed in jeans and cotton polo shirts. Not only did that experience put Sven-Olof and his friend in the Guinness Book of Records, but it also laid the foundation of a dream –  to improve the golf experience through better clothes. In 1991, that dream came reality and abacus® was born.


Success after success followed and today abacus® are proud suppliers of golf team clothing to a growing collection of national teams including: Deutsche Golf Verein and Irish national golf team. Abacus has also dressed the European Solheim Cup team six times and has been a Ryder Cup licencee since 2010. Our clothing is also worn by staff and sold at legendary golf courses such as St. Andrews Links, Gleneagles, Lahinch, Le Golf National and Machrihanish. In the US, we can find it at Chambers Bay, The Los Angeles Country Club, Winged Foot, The Four Seasons, Vail resorts, Fairmont Hotels...

Said about abacus


Functionality to count on

We are setting a new standard in performance and design with our Pitch waterproof jacket. Featuring ground-breaking 37.5® Technology, the Pitch jacket has gained a prestigious Editor’s Choice Award from leading UK golf magazine Today’s Golfer, and has been ranked in the top 3 best rain jackets in the US by My Golf Spy.

The jacket was seen to be incredibly lightweight and versatile, showed an extremely high level of stretchability – essential in the golf swing – with a surprisingly small pack down-size, ideal for stowing in the golf bag.

Pitch clothing was also awarded Most Packable Raingear by the US Magazine Golf Digest in 2022 where abacus® far outperformed competitor products in the packability testing.


The best of two worlds

Among abacus® bestsellers are the Grove jacket and vest, featuring seamless, quilted and padded windproof fabric to the front and back with side panels and shoulders constructed from stretchy material that will never interfere with the golf swing. Ideal for wearing over a long-sleeved base layer or midlayer the Hybrid is likely to become a new favorite among your golf equipment.



It’s all about layering


Key to a good base layer is the material that it’s made from. Only materials with high breathability and wicking properties should be next to the skin to ensure that heat and moisture are moved quickly away from the body always keeping you comfortable. The amount a garment stretches is also important to make sure nothing gets in the way of that all important golf swing. Even the best technical outer layer will have minimal effect and its benefits will be lost if the base layer has poor wicking properties.



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