Pitch 37.5

Award winning rain jacket 2023

Pitch waterproof jacket – featuring ground-breaking 37.5® Technology – has scooped 2 prestigious Editor’s Choice Awards from leading US Golf Digest and Leading UK golf magazine Today’s Golfer (2 years in a row).



Made from lightweight and highly breathable polyester, the Pitch 37.5 Rain Jacket features 37.5® Technology to ensure the wearer remains warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, while a water-repellent treatment on the outside of the fabric that enables rain to roll off the surface to keep the wearer dry.

Four-way stretch delivers an unrestricted swing, while the jacket’s lower sleeve features extra elastic to keep it from flapping and a drawstring at the back of the neck allows for easy adjustment for a perfect fit. A rubber anti-slip print on the shoulders helps keep your golf bag strap in place when carrying.

A rain jacket designed for those who don't settle for less than the best.



Lightweight – versatile - stretchability


Recently awarded Most Packable Rain Gear by US magazine, Golf Digest, the Pitch jacket was found by a panel of Today’s Golfer equipment editors to be incredibly lightweight and versatile, showed an extremely high level of stretchability – essential in the golf swing – and a surprisingly small pack down-size, ideal for stowing in the golf bag.











 Garments with 37.5® Technology

And what does it do?

The revolutionary 37.5® Technology is a game-changing innovation in material science that enables peak performance in any environment by maintaining the body's optimal core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 Fahrenheit). This breakthrough technology incorporates active particles made from volcanic sand into the product's material, which harnesses the body's energy to eliminate moisture.

These particles have the unique ability to absorb infrared light, which powers them. In the absence of sweat, the particles preserve this energy to keep you warm, while in the presence of moisture, they use it to remove it. As a result, the technology ensures a constant and comfortable relative humidity of 37.5% around your skin, which helps maintain the perfect core temperature of 37.5° Celsius.

Overall, 37.5® Technology is an innovative solution that enables you to perform at your best, regardless of the environment or conditions, by providing optimal comfort and temperature regulation. 



Are you more interested in temperature regulating materials?
For more information about 37.5 Technology, visit their website HERE.




Combine with

Pitch 37.5 rain trousers

For ultimate weather protection, combine the Pitch 37.5 rain jacket with the Pitch 37.5 rain trousers. These waterproof trousers are crafted from the same high-performance material as the jacket and keep your lower body dry and comfortable in any weather conditions.

Designed with a lightweight and highly breathable construction, the trousers feature four-way stretch that allows unrestricted movement, so you can move freely without any hindrance. The side zippers at the lower legs ensure easy removal, while the adjustable Velcro waistband with a pop button and zippered fly provide a comfortable and secure fit.

Not only are these rain trousers functional, but they also come with two side pockets for convenient storage of your essentials. Overall, the Pitch 37.5 rain trousers complement the Pitch 37.5 rain jacket perfectly, providing complete protection and comfort in any weather.