About Our 37.5® Performance Golf Shirts.


37.5 Technology, at the heart of our high-performance golf shirts, is a dynamic thermoregulation technology that triggers off of humidity. It’s called 37.5 Technology because it helps keep your body temperature at the ideal core temperature of 37.5 Celsius and helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at the relative humidity of 37.5%, resulting in some of the best golf shirts for hot weather.


When you’re hot, patented active particles embedded in the material remove sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms, cooling you down. When you’re cold, the same active particles trap your energy to help you warm up.

37.5 technology is built up from coconut shell and volcanic sand embedded at the fiber level, which promotes industry leading wicking properties that keep you comfortable and dry. These self cooling fabrics will never wash out, unlike many other wicking treatments. Volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut fiber creates 800% more surface area keeping you dryer, more comfortable, and performing at your peak level.  

  • 37.5® active particles increase performance and comfort
  • 37.5® technology helps warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re hot
  • 37.5® technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%
  • 37.5® technology removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms
  • 37.5® active particles are derived from nature
  • 37.5® technology traps odors and then releases them when washed and dried
  • 37.5® technology works for the life of the garment/clothing