Abacus Sportswear and Temperature regulating clothing

Abacus Sportswear and Temperature regulating clothing

Abacus Sportswear uses unrivaled golf apparel technology to bring you the finest athletic wear. Although most people consider golf to be a sport played on warm, sunny days, true enthusiasts hit the course no matter the weather. As such, high-tech clothing that is designed to keep you cool on hot days, warm on chilly days, sweat-free, and comfortable all day long is essential.

Abacus Sportswear Presents: Sweat Proof Golf Shirts and Other Temperature-Adaptive Clothing

In the athletic world, heat regulation is key to achieving peak performance. For that reason, Abacus has created a collection of sweat-proof golf shirts and other apparel with 37.5 Technology and UV protection, which allows your body to remain at an ideal core temperature while you play. These X-Series garments for men and women are designed specifically for players who want to feel cool, dry, and comfortable while out on the course.

Our patented active particles work to remove sweat and give an instant cooling sensation, while at the same time trapping warmth and energy to keep you comfortable on colder days. We embed all-natural coconut shells and volcanic sand into the fabric of our cooling polo shirts to wick away moisture while you move around the course. This innovative technology leads the way for golf shirts that keep you comfortable and dry during play.

What is Temperature Regulating Clothing?

Temperature regulating clothing

Temperature regulating clothing uses industry-leading materials and technologies to keep your core temperature at 37.5 degrees celsius (the ideal body temperature). 

Our temperature-regulating golf apparel is the best attire for anyone with an active lifestyle, whether that includes rounds of golf or not. Abacus 37.5 Technology will help cool you down, warm you up, and keep you dry during early morning golf rounds, walks, inclement weather, and more.

Added Features:

  • Breathability: Enjoy your golf game more by staying cool and comfortable from tee to green. Breathable high tech golf clothing is made with patented moisture transportation fabrics that keep you cool and dry so you can focus on your game.
  • Moisture-wicking: Moisture-wicking technology moves sweat to the outer surface of the fabric where it evaporates, keeping you cool and dry.
  • Sealed seams: Heat-sealed seams with heat-activated tape enables unmatched rain and water protection at all times. 
  • Waterproof:  Our waterproof technology is exclusively engineered to keep you dry, making you warm and comfortable.
  • Water repellant: While waterproof technology prevents the buildup of moisture in the fabric, water repellent items fend off water and staining from the surface. 
  • Flexible material: We develop performance-driven products with stretch fabric, facilitating  full range of motion and expert comfort during rounds. 
  • UV protection: UV protection golf shirts are innovative, performance golf wear with technology that keeps you safe from harmful rays.
  • Cooling: expert cooling technology accelerates the wicking process, removing sweat and moisture from apparel fabric. 

Abacus 37.5 technology isn’t available for our entire line of luxury golf apparel. However, to view products that do, shop the X-Series 37.5 Collection. 

What is Adaptive Clothing


Abacus Sportswear is a revolutionary golf clothing brand that combines Swedish design with high-performance apparel technology. Our X-series 37.5 Collection offers cutting-edge apparel made with 37.5® Technology UV protection to help your body maintain an ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius. 

Browse our collections today, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

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