Top Golf Apparel Trends for the Fall and Winter

Top Golf Apparel Trends for the Fall and Winter

This fall and winter, the top golf apparel trends have seen a sharp rise in the fusion of stylish design and functional fabrics. More and more individuals are seeking clothes that offer luxury style and breathable materials that will keep them feeling warm and looking good when out on the green.

If you’re a true golf enthusiast, you won’t let a chilly autumn day or a few snowflakes keep you from playing your favorite game. When it feels like you’re also playing against mother nature out there, it’s important that you show up prepared. 

It’s time to stock up on high-quality golf apparel that can take you straight from the office to the course, and provide fashionable, layered combinations that maximize functionality and performance. Here are some winter apparel trends that are worth looking into. 

Prepare for Colder Days With The Right Winter Golf Apparel

The following selections for winter golf apparel will help ensure that you are prepared for whatever happens weather-wise on the green. To stay completely prepared at all times, we suggest packing a golf bag with your warm clothes ahead of time and keeping it near your bag of clubs. This will help avoid that moment when you’re driving to the course and suddenly realize that you’ve left your winter golf clothes at home. 


  • Jackets and Sweaters
  • Your jacket is perhaps the most important piece of winter clothes for golf that you can have. The right jacket can be easily put over your office wear and have you ready for a chilly game of golf in no time at all. That being said, you don’t want your golf jacket to hinder your swing or make you overheat once you get active. 

    Our X-Series golf jackets made with cutting-edge 37.5 technology can help keep you warm regardless of the outside elements. They are designed to help keep your body temperature at the ideal core temperature of 37.5 Celsius, and keep the microclimate next to your skin at the relative humidity of 37.5%. 

    The Grand 37.5 Fleece Jacket, Ashby Full Zip, Fortrose Full-Zip Fleece, and Turnberry 3D Fleece are excellent options for women. They are all made of a soft, stretchy material, designed to keep you warm on the course and playing in your optimal comfort zone. The men’s Turnberry 3D Fleece or Ashby Half-Zip will do just the same.

  • Golf Pants and Trousers
  • Golf attire tends to be on the more formal side, but sometimes chilly weather calls for clothes that look more casual. Luckily, there are options for both formal and informal winter golf pants that will help keep men and women dry and comfortable all season long. 

    When it comes to pants, excellent options for winter golf clothes for ladies include our Pitch 37.5 Rain Trousers, which are great for when the weather changes quickly, our Grace 4 Ways Stretch ⅞ Trousers made out of a 4 way stretch fabric, and our Fontana Golf Trousers, made out of softshell to keep you warm, and protect you against the wind and rain. 

    For men, our Swinley Raintrousers will help keep you dry during a casual game of golf, even if the rain is coming down hard. Our Cleek Stretch Trousers are a more formal option made of moisture wicking material.

  • Vests 
  • If you feel too restricted with a winter jacket or the weather isn’t quite cold enough for one, a vest or pullover is another great option for winter golf clothes for men and women. 

    For example, our Navan Softshell Vest and Dunes Hybrid Vest for women will work to keep your core warm while keeping wind out, and our Dunes Vest Jacket and Navan Vest for men help to add a layer of warmth without any bulk. 

    Tips for Leveling Up Your Game This Winter

    These non-apparel items will show your opponents that this isn’t your first winter on the course. You’re a seasoned professional and you’re prepared for anything!

  • Golf gloves. Keeping your hands warm in between shots is important. If your hands get too cold, they’ll start to get stiff or feel numb, which can affect your shot. Wear golf gloves between and during your turn for optimal club control.
  • Golf cart heater. Take a break while your opponents take their turn in your heated golf cart. Unlike cars, golf carts aren’t automatically equipped with heat. Portable heaters can keep you comfortable on those ultra-chilly days.
      • ​​Golf cart curtains. Waterproof golf cart curtains will help keep your heated golf cart warm and keep the wind and rain out. This will completely change the way you feel about making the trip from hole to hole during a winter game.
  • Winter hats. A regular golf cap won’t do well to keep your head warm this winter. You need something long enough to cover your ears and forehead. A classic beanie in a neutral color is perfect golf attire for the winter.
  • Abacus Sportswear 

    Shop Abacus Sportswear for everything you need to stay warm all winter long. From winter golf jackets and rain trousers to pullovers and vests, we’ve got you covered. Shop our collections for men and women today!

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