GROVE, the golf garment that everyone wants

GROVE, the golf garment that everyone wants

The hybrids have possibly received undeserved little focus in golf, and then we are not talking about the hybrid clubs but about the hybrids as a piece of clothing.

But what is a hybrid then?

Very briefly: the best of both worlds.

A garment that allows you to have different materials on different parts of a garment, which in turn creates the most optimal relationship for the particular surface and area of ​​the body where the garment will sit.

Often you want a warmer, windproof and perhaps waterproof part around the torso where you freeze more easily. Over the arms and along the sides, you benefit greatly from a more flexible fabric - especially important when playing golf.

Stretch in the right places on the garment where you need it most gives smooth compliance and allows you to swing through freely in a more comfortable way, without the garment restricting your movement in the slightest way.


Abacus® Grove jacket and vest are not only this year's bestseller and immensely popular, but also full of function, in a stylish design. The front and back are made of a hot-pressed quilt in padded fabric that is completely windproof, yet breathable. The fact that the Grove is free from seams on the front and back of the jacket means that no wind passes through the fabric and you can happily enjoy windy rounds on the golf course without freezing.

The arms and sides, on the other hand, are made of a soft fleece with a lot of stretch. The inside of the fleece is brushed with a square pattern, which provides better air circulation which also keeps you warmer even at lower temperatures.

Both the jacket and vest come with two pockets and a full-length zipper at the front, and are available in basic colors as well as brand new, fresh colors for both men and women.










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