Men's Midlayers

Men's Midlayers


Dressing in layers allows you to easily adapt to the weather, adding layers when its cooler or removing them when it gets warmer.  Many golfers underestimate just how much heat is generated in a round of golf and frequently dress too warm with the opposite happening on colder days leaving the golfer cold, stiff, and uncomfortable throughout the round.

We suggest putting some thought into an outfit prior to hitting the course, especially when the weather is more demanding.  What you wear could be the deciding factor in how well you play and how comfortable you are out on the course.

A basic layering rule is to make sure as much of the clothing as possible features technologies such as stretch and breathability. A base layer without wicking, for example, will reduce the effects of a high-tech outer layer, affecting both comfort and ultimately your focus on the game.

Stretch and lightweight in every layer is also important, especially in spring and fall, when more clothes are needed for warmth. Stretchy garments make sure nothing gets in the way of that all-important golf swing.

At Abacus Sportswear, we use soft and stretchy material so it does not restrict your golf swing. Choose between the new Gleneagles, Woburn, Kinloch  or Sherwood and never sacrifice style or function when it comes to your athletic wardrobe.


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