Women's Pants

Women's Pants



Champion the wind and weather with our golf trousers for women, designed to keep you comfortable and warm no matter the condition. Our line of performance-driven ladies golf trousers feature various windproof, waterproof and water repellent technologies, so your mind can stay on the game.

For lightweight waterproof and windproof pants for women, we’ve designed both 4-way stretch and 2-way stretch fabric options. Regular women’s trousers feature a luxury 4-way stretch fabric, while our lines of windproof and waterproof trousers leverage innovative, proprietary technology that works to keep you dry and warm.Some of our lightweight waterproof pants are also made of a stretchy, softshell fabric that is wind repellent, yet breathable.

With our extensive collection of designer golf trousers from Abacus Sportswear, you can stay dry, comfortable, and focused, and enjoy the game you are meant to play.


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