The Best Golf Rain Gear For You to Consider

The Best Golf Rain Gear For You to Consider

For the golfers who are not deterred by inclement weather conditions, choosing the best golf rain gear to hit the course with is an absolute necessity. Between understanding the differences and benefits of windproof vs. waterproof, as well as knowing which materials work best for unpleasant conditions, hand-selecting your rain gear for golf can sometimes be a challenging process. Since potential climates for golf are so vast and diverse, perhaps the best way to get a good idea for what to wear is to identify how each feature plays a role in your overall comfort.

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Key Features of Rain Gear For Golf

In order to be equipped with the best rain outfit possible, it’s important to specifically look for some key features that come with quality rain gear for golf. This way, you can be prepared for anything, and not just one of many weather ailments that may complicate your round on the course. Some of these key features of rain gear for golf and things to consider include: 

  • Waterproof vs. Rainproof - Golf gear that is waterproof is not the same as golf gear that is rainproof, and this can 100% be a make or break decision when looking for the best golf rain gear. To put it simply, waterproof gear is the best choice for rain gear for golf. Rainproof gear may repel raindrops for a time, but excessive water can cause your piece to become soaked very quickly. Premium waterproof technology is able to keep this water away during short periods of heavy rain.
  • Windproof - Rain is often associated with higher wind speeds, and it’s a great idea if you’re looking at waterproof gear to find pieces that are also windproof. Since chilly wind can complicate any round of golf, windproof and waterproof gear keeps you warm as well as dry.
  • Range of Movement - When we play golf, our bodies are twisting in odd ways, and range of motion is a very important aspect to keep in mind when looking for golf wet weather gear. Be wary of how restricted your swing may become with clunky gear, or how your apparel may add extra and unnecessary weight while in weird positions for your shots.
  • Remember Temperature - A wet and rainy day in the early spring is significantly different from a rainy day in mid-summer. When looking for waterproof golf gear, it’s best to either find gear that works well for varying temperatures, or find specific outfits for each occasion. 
  • The Best Valued Waterproof Golf Gear

    Some of the best valued and most essential waterproof golf gear pieces include rain jackets, rain pants, or entire golf rain suits. For the latter, the package deal is often more affordable than buying pieces separately, and works better for matching and aesthetic purposes. Either way, a jacket is usually a good place to start when looking individually.

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