Waterproof Clothing Lines


Why do you get wet from inside your rain gear when it rains? You need breathability! Breathability is extremely important when people are in motion, which the golfer always is. It is easy to stare blindly at the waterproof qualities when it’s really the breathability that is most important. Otherwise you sweat and get wet from the inside. If you then add stretch and light weight you get a rain set that really works for the active golfer, on and off the course.

Key features for rain gear

Waterproofness relates to how many millimeters of water a fabric can withstand before water seeps through. A fabric is considered waterproof if it has a WP of 2,000 mm. Abacus rainwear range from 10,000 to 20,000 WP.

Breathability is so you don’t get wet from the inside. It’s measured by how many grams of vapor that can pass through the fabric in 24 hours. The larger the number, the higher the breathability. Abacus rainwear varies from 10,000g to 50,000g.

Stretch is crucial for your ability to move freely. This ensures focus in on your game. Some Abacus rain wear can stretch up to twice their length and are always made in 4 way stretch!

Lightweight waterproofs don’t need to be bulky or heavy. They should never hinder your swing and barely be noticeable when you wear them. For example, Abacus Pitch 27.5 weighs just 250g in size large.

What weather type are you?

That may seem like a strange question but, think about it! Because, when you understand the answer, it will help you make the best decision as to what rain gear you need!

Are you a storm? Someone who will go out and play golf for hours in even the heaviest of rains? One who needs to be convinced to come in from the next tee when the lightening is crashing down?

Or, are you fair weather, sunny? You run inside at even the hint of some drizzle and don’t dare stick your head out of the clubhouse until the sun is shining and the birds are chirping? The performance and functionality that you need when choosing rain gear depends on what you plan to do while wearing it as well as the conditions your “weather type” will have you using it in.

Luckily for you, abacus® has you covered whether you’re stormy or sunny. All of our rain gear comes with stretch capabilities, crucial for a free and easy swing. However, we have different levels, Links with 2-way stretch and Bounce and Pitch with 4-way.

Which one do you need?

All of our rain gear has great waterproof abilities and, just as important, are breathable as well. This means staying dry from conditions both outside and within the gear! Essential when you plan to be active in the rain so you stay comfortable and dry. This holds true for our complete line from Links to our top-of-the-line Pitch. Of course, all of our rain gear is windproof as well. Because, whether you’re stormy or sunny, nobody wants a bit of wind to put them off their game. No matter what weather type you are, you can count on any of the Abacus rain suits to keep you comfortable and dry, inside and out.

Pitch keeps you dry all day

The Pitch rain set is engineered by Abacus® with the golfer in mind. Using 37.5 technology it’s built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions on the golf course, heat, rain, wind and cold. It’s all about staying dry and feeling free when you swing. Highly stretchable, and extremely breathable.

It’s made to ensure your comfort so you can focus on your performance. Whatever the conditions, abacus x-series allows you to keep your full focus where it belongs, on your game. 37.5 technology works to improve the microenvironment inside the garment. It allows the vapor to be forced through the fabric quicker, keeping your body and the garment dry, even in low temperatures and high humidity.

A climate of 37.5 degrees and a humidity of 40-60% is created. This is the ideal comfort zone, also your ideal performance zone.



Pitch rain set are for the discerning who doesn’t settle for anything but the best. In Pitch rain set with 37.5 technology that temper the environment between you and the garment, you will always have your optimum comfort zone of 37.5 degrees Celsius, where you perform best. Focus on your game and let Pitch fix the rest.

37.5® Technology

  • 37.5® active particles increase comfort and performance™
  • 37.5® technology helps warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when you’re hot
  • 37.5® technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%
  • 37.5® technology removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms
  • 37.5® active particles are derived from nature
  • 37.5® traps odors and then releases them when washed and dried
  • 37.5® works for the life of the garment/clothing
  • Cutting-edge technology that will keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius (99.5°F)





We are very proud to introduce Bounce 3-Layer Technology rainwear

This is our latest addition to the Abacus® rain assortment. Bounce is designed with the active golfer in mind combining function, quality and design so that the user can focus on their game. Highly waterproof and breathability of 15.000 WP/MVP, plus stretch and lightweight qualities means you will have rainwear to count on for years to come.

Abacus® Bounce Rain Jacket comes in several colors for women and men. There are traditional rain trousers but for this year, a new product called Bounce Waterproof Trousers has also been added. They look like a regular trousers, yet are full of functionality.

Imagine going straight from work to the 1st tee when it’s raining! Yes, it’s absolutely possible! This rainwear will definitely make you bounce beyond your limits.



Golf is so much more than just the game, it´s spending time with friends, enjoying nature and having some time off. No matter what mother nature throws at you, you should be able to enjoy your game to the fullest and unrestrictedly. The Swinley rain program will have you covered the whole day, both on and off the course, with contrasting reflective design and all high tech features necessary. Down to every last detail, it´s designed to work and move in total sync with your body. This is rainwear to count on!

Be functional and look stylish, on and off the golf course.

If you are on or off the golf course doesn’t really matter - there’s a big chance Links will become your favourite garment when you’re outside being active. With 2-way stretch and super soft fabric you’ll feel comfortable and flexible. The breathability and waterproofness will keep the moisture on the outside and you’ll remain dry. Don’t worry about if it’s raining or not - you’ll hardly notice the difference. Links will do the job - count on it.

Links is a functional rain set with good breathability. The fabric has a two-way stretch and provides good mobility. All seams are sealed. Drawstring in most places makes it possible to adjust to perfect fit. This rain set works just as well to use for everyday life as on the golf course.