Our Top Choices For Fall Golf Attire Products

Our Top Choices For Fall Golf Attire Products

Cold weather is finally upon us, and if you’re on the hunt for the best fall golf attire, we’ve got you covered with all of this year’s must-haves. From long-sleeve shirts to hybrid jackets, we’ll share all of our best fall golf clothes, latest technology, and trending tips so that you can stay focused and warm while on the course.

Our Favorite Fall Golf Apparel

  • Extreme Performance by Abacus

Our cutting-edge 37.5 technology works to improve the micro environment inside your garment. It allows the vapor to be forced through the fabric quicker, keeping your body and the garment dry even in low temperatures and before high humidity. A climate of 37.5 degrees and a humidity of 40-60% is created—making the ideal comfort zone and performance zone. Essentially, it removes moisture when you’re hot, and it retains warmth when you’re cold. Designed with temperature-regulating fabric using the innovative 37.5 Technology, we offer Stretch Lite, Thermocool and DryCool Zero to help you stay as comfortable as possible. Check out our X-Series Collection!

  • Navan Hybrid Jackets

Ideal men’s fall golf apparel, the Navan softshell hybrid jacket, provides extreme warmth and is water repellent for the rainy season. It’s made of 100% polyester, with a middle layer of Thermo technology that keeps you protected against wind and cool air.

  • Women Yale UV-Cut Long Sleeve Shirt

The Yale long sleeve top is sporty-looking with contrast color. It’s made of a very stretchy, lightweight fabric that is also very breathable. The fabric also has UV protection built into it, making it ideal to wear when the sun is strong, but also underneath a second layer to keep you warmer on the course.

Tips and Trends 

Now that we’ve covered a few of our top products, we’ve gathered a list of tips to keep in mind for the course this fall:

  • Remember to keep your feet warm 

While finding the perfect jackets and layering up is important, it’s also helpful to remember to keep your feet warm, too! With so many fashionable golf socks to choose from, we suggest doubling up on each foot. That way, even your feet will stay warm and dry on colder days.

  • Don’t forget hats and gloves

No one wants to play a round of golf when their ears are hurting and their hands are numb. Make sure to carry a pair of gloves and a hat with you to the course. You can always plan out your attire the night before so that you match.

  • Make sure everything fits 

On the colder days of fall, you’re going to want to retain as much heat as possible, which means leaving the baggier clothes until summer. If you order attire from our site and it doesn’t fit properly for fall weather, there’s no need to worry—we accept returns of products purchased online and shipped within the United States within 14 days of the shipping from the date of receipt.

We hope that after reading just a few of our top fall golf apparel options and tips, you’re feeling prepared to not only take on the cold, but elevate your game with the latest 37.5 technology. Shop golf apparel that will make a difference on the course and browse our selection today to find the most innovative golf clothing for fall.   

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