Best Golf Gifts for Dad

The Best Golf Gifts For Dad

Having some trouble finding the best golf gifts for dad? Well, you’re in luck! With Father’s Day coming up, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite golf gift selections for fathers who can’t seem to stay off the green. For many dads around the world, a weekend round of golf is almost customary, which means you get a trove of gift ideas that your dad will love.

Whether your dad is new to golfing, a recreational player, or a seasoned pro, you’ll be sure to find something he’ll love from this list of the best golf gifts for dad. And even better, most of these gifts are below $100, so you can get him something he’ll cherish without breaking the bank.

Golf Gift Ideas For Him

Perhaps the best place to start off this list of golf gift ideas for him is by exploring some clothing options to consider. We know… clothing can be a boring gift, but in truth, having the proper and appropriate attire for golf can make a world of difference. From fabric design, to weather and temperature-regulating technologies, here are some top clothing ideas when choosing your golf gifts for dad:

  • Moisture Wicking Shirt - You ever feel grossed out by your dad’s pit stains during or after a round? Consider getting him a shirt with moisture wicking technology that works to keep sweat out, so he can perform and look at his best.
  • Water Repellent/Waterproof Clothing - There’s nothing wrong with going out for a round in the rain — given you have the proper clothing. Waterproof technology prevents buildup of moisture in the fabric, while water repellent clothing actually turns away water and stain from the surface of the fabric to increase its performance.
  • UV Protection - Protect your dad from harmful rays by getting him a shirt with UV protection. This way he can stay cool, look cool, and maybe be cool too.
  • Warm - If your dad likes playing a round in the cold, some warm golf clothing will do wonders. These golf gift ideas for dad are also great for winter holidays when the weather fits the part.

    Other Other Golf Gift Ideas For Dad

    Golf Gift Ideas For DadWe’re sure your dad will love getting golf clothing that can help his game, but if that isn’t a good enough option, here are some essentials to check out:

  • Headcover - Headcovers are perfect golf gifts for dads, since they’re a pretty big necessity for any golfer. Make an individual statement with a unique head cover that protects his golf clubs.
  • Collapsible Chipping Net – Add some fun to your dad’s chipping game with a portable chipping net.
  • Golf Swing Training Aid – A golf swing trainer will help improve his muscles for a powerful swing.
  • Gloves - Golfers go through gloves relatively quickly, so your dad can always use an extra, especially of high quality.
  • Range Finder - Gauging a shot from the fairway can be tough, but you can help your father out with a rangefinder to tell him the exact distance to the pin!
  • Customized Balls - Want more personalized golf gifts for dad? Customized balls are a great way to put your own touch on a gift, whether it’s adding a favorite number of your dad’s, or bearing his name across the dimples.
  • Travel Bag - Does your dad like to golf while traveling? A golf travel bag is among the best golf gifts for dad when he loves to check out new courses, whether on vacation or a business trip.

  • To find even more golf gift ideas for him, visit our men's page to browse our entire collection of high-end golfing apparel. Happy shopping!

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