Women's Midlayers

Women's Midlayers


At Abacus Sportswear, we’ve taken men’s golf clothing to a whole new level, with performance-driven pieces that look better, feel better, and provide a perfect transition from office to green.

Dressing in layers allows you to easily adapt to the weather, adding layers when its cooler or removing them when it gets warmer.  Many golfers underestimate just how much heat is generated in a round of golf and frequently dress too warm with the opposite happening on colder days leaving the golfer cold, stiff, and uncomfortable throughout the round.

A warming second layer, that is easy to put on and take off, will add warmth under an outer layer when the temperature drops and can be used as the main protection during warmer periods of the round. A soft fleece with extra padding on the large parts of the body that tend to get cold, for example on the upper chest and shoulders is an excellent choice. The Gleneagles is a great top that offers warmth in these major areas without sacrificing freedom of movement.

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