Warm summer rain a challenge? Not for abacus® Bounce series

Warm summer rain a challenge? Not for abacus® Bounce series


It’s easy to think that rain automatically means cold and rough weather, but that’s not always the case.

In some part of the world, it's raining all year round, even in the summer when yes, it can be warm too. Whether it’s hot or cold, it is uncomfortable to get wet; something that in turn can affect your golf game.

Rain products for warmer weather

To meet even these summery weather conditions and create an even more complete range of raingear, we are launching rain products for warmer weather through an expanded program of our popular rain series Bounce.

The warmer weather program has the same breathability and waterproof functionality as the regular raingear in the Bounce family. Thus, you can conquer even summer rains on warm days with a smile on your face and a Bounce in your step.

The welcome additions in the Bounce family consist of a rain shirt for men that keeps you dry over the torso and upper arms on a rainy summer day, but which is short-sleeved and thus becomes a lighter rain gear for those balmy days so you don’t get too warm.

Waterproof rain shorts  for men have also been added which protect the upper legs and thighs, while it leaves the lower leg free where it is not as uncomfortable to get wet. The rain shorts has loops for a belt and the same high functionality as the regular rain pants.


Another addition is a cool rain hoodie, available for both men and ladies.

The product quickly became very popular, especially among the younger players. In the rain hoodie, you look sporty and youthful and have a hood that protects your head from rain. The hoodie also has the same fantastic functionality as the regular Bounce program.



Play with BOUNCE even when it's not raining!


You should keep in mind that all our rainwear is also totally windproof, so all products can be used for those times when it’s perhaps not raining, but you need some protection from the wind.


Don’t forget to protect your head with Links rainhat or Links rain cap!


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