Start the season by dressing in layers

Start the season by dressing in layers

Playing golf in springtime often includes both cold, sun, wind, and rain – sometimes all of it during the same round. In order to stay comfortable and keep warm, you need to be prepared for it all when heading out. The smartest way to do so, is by dressing in layers. Make sure to use stretchy fabrics in all layers in order to be able to move freely, without fabrics that get in the way or your swing. All garments should also have breathable functions for you to feel comfortably warm and not overheated.



First layer – transport moist away from your skin

In springtime, choose a long sleeved base layer with a lot of stretch, that will keep you warm and make sure you can move freely. It’s crucial that the fabric has breathable functions, that can wick away moist produced by your body, avoiding you to feel wet and chill.



Second layer – add warmth

As layer two we recommend a soft, stretchy fleece, that can be removed if the temperature rises. Also in layer two garments stretch and breathability are essential functions, in order for you to be able to swing freely and for heat and moisture to be

transported away from your body



Third layer - Protection

The third and outermost layer will protect you from wind and rain. This may be a Bounce rain jacket, soft, stretchy, and highly breathable. This jacket is both wind and waterproof and takes up little space in your golf bag for easy access when the drizzle starts. For those dry, warmer days, the Grove hybrid jacket is the perfect windproof choice. The front is quilted for extra warmth, while sides and arms are in stretchy fleece, ensuring full movement throughout the swing.

Trousers to suit the weather

Cold legs are bad both for your spirit and the blood circulation. Complete your layering with trousers that are optimal for colder days. Our Bounce warm waterproof trousers both look and feel like regular pants but have a have a brushed tricot lining that will keep you warm. The fabric is also breathable, to keep you dry by wick away sweat.

If wind is your main weather concern at the course we recommend our Druid Softshell trousers, stretchy and functional in protecting you from wind. These might very well be a new favorite, both on and off the course.


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