abacus® Waterproofs

Perform at your best - in all weather conditions

For abacus it’s most important to provide you with the ability to focus on your game (or other activity) and being able to perform, while wearing waterproofs. That’s why we focus on extreme stretch and lightweight fabrics. So you can move freely and comfortably.  

Waterproofs are made to keep you dry, even in heavy rains, but most people get wet from the inside. Not from rain. That’s why second priority for us, after waterproofness, is to maximize the breathability and moisture transportation. That is – keeping you dry. 

All our waterproofs are of course both water- and windproof, have sealed seams, good breathability and stretch capabilities, crucial for a free and easy swing. However, we have three different levels of functionality – good, better or best.  Which type of rain gear you need is to a large extent dependent on what you plan do to while wearing it. Are you a person who will go out and play golf for hours in even the heaviest of rains? One who needs to be convinced to come in from the next tee when the lightening is striking down? Then you should focus on maximal breathability and stretch as well as minimum weight. Or, are you the type who run inside at even the hint of some drizzle? In that case you are probably better off choosing a raingear with mesh lining, that let you keep more of the body heat within the garment.

abacus® good – better – best-rain concept offer raingear for all type of players and all types of rains, in order for you to have a good day at the golf course, on horseback or walking the dog, regardless of the weather!







Designed for those who don't settle for less than the best.
Using 37.5 technology to improve the micro environment inside the garment and built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions on the golf course.
Extremely high breathability (50.000 MVP) and superior stretch combined with lightweight and maximum waterproofness 

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3-layer technology rainwear - stretchdry 15.000.

Designed with the active golfer in mind, combining function, quality and design.

Highly waterproof and breathability of 15.000 MVP, plus stretch and lightweight qualities means you will have rainwear to count on for years to come. 

Look and feel of regular clothing.                                                                                                                                                 
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2-way stretch and supersoft fabric for comfort and flexibility.

Functional and stylish rainwear with good breathability,
perfect to use for everyday life as well as on the golf course.

High waterproofness and breathability (10.000 WP/MVP) with smart details
and possibility to adjust the fit.