Waterproof Clothing Lines


Pitch rain set is the flag ship of X-series, abacus® most technology advanced collection ever. These waterproofs utilize 37.5® technology, helping you control your core temperature no matter the activity and even in the most extreme weather conditions. Highly stretchable and extremely breathable, it’s made to ensure your comfort so that you can keep your focus where it belongs, on your game!


Golf is so much more than just the game, it´s spending time with friends, enjoying nature and having some time off. No matter what mother nature throws at you, you should be able to enjoy your game to the fullest and unrestrictedly. The Swinley rain program will have you covered the whole day, both on and off the course, with contrasting reflective design and all high tech features necessary. Down to every last detail, it´s designed to work and move in total sync with your body. This is rainwear to count on!


If you are on or off the golf course doesn’t really matter - there’s a big chance Links will become your favourite garment when you’re outside being active. With 2-way stretch and super soft fabric you’ll feel comfortable and flexible. The breathability and waterproofness will keep the moisture on the outside and you’ll remain dry. Don’t worry about if it’s raining or not - you’ll hardly notice the difference. Links will do the job - count on it.